Ursula reads mostly fiction and narrative non-fiction. If you need directions around Emory, Ursula's your gal, particularly if you also need them in German.

Jessica reads fiction, teen, food, travel, bio, non-fiction, graphic novels, and some other stuff. If you know of new places in town to get vegetarian gravy, let her know.

Eve is a native Atlantan, and reads literary fiction, mysteries, and poetry.

Marlene owned Tall Tales for over 30 years, and is known around town as The Book Whisperer. Her specialty is literary fiction. Ask her about donating to CHILDREN READ.

Mary is a regular from the neighborhood. Ask her for exercise tips and about her new addiction to J. D Robb.

Susan reads mysteries; lots of mysteries. Also, ask her advice about where to eat in Paris.

Rebekah is the store owner. She reads mysteries, romance, all things paranormal, and the occasional non-fiction tome. She can recommend a book, bake you a pie, or fix that hole in your sweater.

Martha reads mostly fiction and mystery, with the occasional sci-fi book thrown in for good measure. She also reads psychology books, and is highly knowledgeable about gardening and north Georgia.

Cristina is a new face but she fits right in as she too has a cat she is trying to keep in books.

Then we have our four legged member of staff, Christopher Marlowe. Kit knows about snacks and being cute. Also, he is very good at shedding on white clothes!

Antonea has returned to us after her world travels. Come and swap stories with her and ask about her Doula duties.

Paul, our newest and youngest is a recent Emoy Grad.  Bring him all your Sci-Fi questions.