reading is everything

Gina, a once and future Tall Tales employee, has lived in Atlanta many years. Gina has a calico cat, is an omnivoracious reader, and reviewer of books par excellence.

Carolyn is recently retired from Emory, and in her retirement, wanted to come work at Tall Tales. She is a voracious reader of literary fiction, and with her sister, has enough books to open their own library.

Eve is a native Atlantan, and reads literary fiction, mysteries, and poetry.

Martha reads mostly fiction and mystery, with the occasional sci-fi / fantasy book thrown in for good measure. She also reads psychology books, and is highly knowledgeable about gardening and north Georgia.

Susan reads mysteries; lots of mysteries. Also, ask her advice about where to eat in Paris.

Marlene owned Tall Tales for over 30 years, and is known around town as The Book Whisperer. Her specialty is literary fiction.

Rebekah is the store owner. She reads mysteries, romance, all things paranormal, and the occasional non-fiction tome. She can recommend a book, bake you a pie, or fix that hole in your sweater.

Jessica reads fiction, teen, food, travel, bio, non-fiction, graphic novels, and some other stuff. If you know of new places in town to get vegetarian gravy, let her know.

Hedy, a transplant to Atlanta from Washington, D.C., loves all things musical.

Ursula reads mostly fiction and narrative non-fiction. If you need directions around Emory, Ursula's your gal, particularly if you also need them in German.

Emily returned to Georgia from Florida's beaches and bookstores. She reads fantasy, travel writing, and southern fiction.

Alana teaches art, and enjoys reading things are are eerie, chilling, and otherwise suspenseful.

Julie loves to garden, and when she reads, she most enjoys memoir and mystery.