One of the staff members found this lovely T-shirt site where we can design shirts and they do the printing and the selling. So - LOOK! We have shirts! Short sleeve, long sleeve, tanks and kids. Different colors and everything!

upcoming events

The Victorian Book Club is discussing part one of  Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy for August and doing the second half for September.

The non-fiction book club has been on a hiatus for the last year. 

We are hoping for an in person meeting soon... August perhaps?

Mister Marlowe misses the group and the possibility of dropped refreshments.

For August the Sci-Fi readers are working on Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart. Next up, Quantam Thief  by Hannu Rajaniemi.

Upcoming Book Club Reading


So far only the Sci-Fi, Mystery and Victorian  Book Clubs are meeting in person.

Let us know if you would like to be on their mailing list!

The mystery book club will be discussing Raven Black by Ann Cleeves in August and Sunburn by Laura Lippman in September.